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Posted by Susan Lewin Stecklein on May 4, 2008:

The Class of "73" is looking for addresses of former classmates. The class is planning a 35 yr class reunion Labor Day weekend this year.Please send your address or email address to:

Terry Kendall Rohlman at
Susan Lewin Stecklein at

The sooner the better so we can get planning. Hope you all can make it.

25th Reunion

Back/Top row, L-R : Terry Youngers, Wayne Powell, Francis Meisenheimer, Lonnie Bauer, Jeff Watson, Casey Jones, Scott McQuinn, Greg Gott, Rick Harrel, Dan Shanelac, Alan Taber, Leon Teismeyer, Cliff Williams (on end).
Next row, standing, L-R: Joy Richert, Ed Riley, Doug Lindenmeyer, Edward Dutton, Jim Mellot, Vince Albert, Mike Mathis, Dean Frye, Chris Strait, Alan Bergkamp, Pat Eller, Gwen Hawkins Drosselmeyer, Joan Swope Ferris, Ken Bock, Linda Hankins, Dwight Osborn.
Seated, L-R: Jimmy Oller, Marcia Osner Elliot, Nancy Brown, Donna Miller Lies, Kandi Barnes Goforth, Randi Gorham Thimisch, Susan Lewin Steiklein, Kathy Reid Smith, Delia Markwell, Susie Harris Graber, Anita Kirkpatrick, Phyllis Goetz.
On floor, L-R: Bill Hageman, Don Hamblin, Craig Gasteneau, Lana Arb Teismeyer, Terri Kendall, Don Byers.

'73 Chearleaders

Top (back) to bottom (front) in the top photo:
Connie McCutchen, Cindy Augden, Sharon Goetz, Linda Boese, Vonda Martin, Deb Noll.

Only Connie was the senior.

Boy's Basketball

Mike Doerkson, Alan Taber, Casey Jones, Kevin Kerschen, Ron Mason, Gary Buchanan, Pat Eller,
Wayne Powell, Francis Meisenheimer, Chris Adams, Kelly McGuire. Coaches: Mike Ward and Mike
(I think his first name was Mike; I just thought it was "Mr.") Strong.

Here we are in the 5th grade

Top row: The principal (can\rquote t remember his name), Mrs. Robinson, Pat Eller, Nancy Brown, Jim McClure, Lana Arb, Alan Taber, Terri Kendall, Lonnie Bauer, Debbie Widener
Second from top: Neal Emerson, Gwen Hawkins, David Lindt, Donna Helbert, Chris Strait, J.R. Tuxhorn, Kandi Barnes, Janene Wendling
Middle row: Audrey Campbell, Glenn Elder, Sherri Tabor, Wayne Powell, Anita Kirkpatrick, Edward Dutton, Connie McCutchen,
Second row from bottom: Sondra Pfaltzer, Rick Harrel, Lois Zerger, Tommy Patterson, Casey Jones.
Bottom row: Ron Mason, Dennis Cooper, Jimmy _____, Linda Handkins.

On our way to the Shrine Circus - 5th Grade

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