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Photo by Amber Helm/Silver Grove Photography

The Class of 1970 held its 40-year class reunion on Oct. 1 & 2. Eighteen class members attended the Friday night homecoming football game and 41 class members attended the banquet Saturday evening at the Kingman Country Club. Front row (left to right): Carolyn (Handkins) Behnke, Carolyn (Henning) Rousseau, Laura (Osner) Franzen, Sylinda (Pfalser) Mahoney, Zella (Oak) Jacobs, Patricia (Probst) Lett, Martha (Danler) Dostert, Carla (Elder) Williamson. Second row: Stan Goetz, Pam (Moore) Collins, Linda (Biggs) Arensdorf, Patricia (Hageman) Beebe, Mary Walker, Joyce (Darling) Hess, Elizabeth (Powell) Yoder, Carol (Kerschen) Walle, Marja (Grey) Dickard. Third row: Tom Keller, Dave Weniger, Larry Walker, Ira “Butch” Hart, Scott Shepherd, Bob McKenna, Craig Cline, Eddie Cornelius, Roger Krehbiel, Rick Barker, Mark Zerger, Mike Dutton, Cliff Oller, Dan Helm, John Graber. Back row: Jeff Clark, Randy Richardson, Kirk Taylor, Tim Thissen, Dave Walter, Ron Thimesch, John McCutchen, Dennis Albert, Forrest Roe, Allen Young.

Senior Photos

7th Grade Basketball

The 1966 Kingman Eaglet 7th graders posted a season record of 8 - 2 for coach Don Ward.  Managers kneeling in front are Ira (Butch) Hart and Georg Shannon.  Standing from left to right: Mark Peterson, David Weniger, Stan Parsons, Tim Thissen, Scott Shepherd, Kevin Krase, Don Ward, Rodney Ward, Mark Mendenhall, Craig Cline, Danny Winkle, Bob McKenna and Roger Krehbiel.

-  courtesy of  Kingman Leader-Courier   

Senior Photos

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