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Class of '53

Senior Photos

Photo and IDs submitted by Dwaine Robey  

The team compiled a 27-1 record.

(kneeling, l-r) Dwaine Robey, Jack Koon, Bill Ross, Cot Graber, and Joe Ortiz
(standing, l-r) Coach H.K. Stevens, Don Lock, Tim McKenna, Ken Hinkle, Bud Jones, Larry Orme, Andy Matson, and Coach E.H. Wertzberger

Photo and IDs submitted by Dwaine Robey  
Class of '53 as Juniors

First row - Lloyd Angell (Art teacher), Jennie Noblit, Norma Koon, Mary Ann Freeman. Jean Markle, Wyona Archibald, Bonnie Norrish, Marilyn Renner, Dwaine Robey, Harold Johnston, Pat Kaufman, Glee Lecklider, Virginia Britton, Barbara Clayton. And Peggy McAdam

Second row Stanley Kilpatrick, George Crumley, (unknown), Herklee Brown, Tom Endicott, Duane Fairchild, Shirley Snell, Marilyn Robb, Dorothy Sloan, Sue Wallace, Grace Denison, Betty Kemp, Gerry Liley, Marjorie Osner, and Velma Jones

Third row Robert Isley, Gale Nelson, Don Young, (unknown), Ken Staley, JR Heldenbrand, Kevin Albrecht, Maryelen Kimminau, Marilyn Sterling, Mary Ann Noblit, Carol Sisson, Phyllis Howerton, Bonnie Swander, and Delores Anthony

Fourth row Raymond Roberts, Jack Rickard, Harry Hart, Duane Cheatum, Gerald Hawkins, Ken Hinkle, Larry Orme, Phil Kaufman, Andy Matson, Larry Gerber, Cot Graber, Oliver Blumanhourst, Jack Koon, and Gilbert Funke


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