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KHS Class of 1952 holds 50th Reunion May 24, 2002

The KHS Class of '52 met Friday, May 24, 2002, at the VFW Hall for their 50 year reunion.  The following were in attendance: bottom row, Dee Brown, Virgil Ewy, Noreen Clayton Dauber, Connie Vanlandingham Byers, Jane Roper Giller, Maxine Stewart Hein, Lila Orme Levin.  Middle row, J. Hardesty, Jay Saner, Rex Brown, Gayle Walter Dye, Gerry Henning Furrow, Doris Ramsey Simons, Annabel Keeling White, Genevieve McFadden Price, Glen Hornbaker.  Top row, Eldon Milburn, DonSchrag, Dick Funke, Paul Thissen, Bill Grey and Frank Smith.

Here is the picture of when all chearleaders did not have to have "legs". From left to right: Harry Hart, Maxine Stewart, Deloras Anthony, and
Glen (Skimmy) Hornbaker. The year was 1951/52.

Senior letter winners on the SKL campionship track team of 52. From the left, bottom row: Norman Smith, F.L. Young, and Glen Hornbaker, top row: Dick Funke, J Hardesty, and Rex Voran. Dick and F. L. stayed in the Kingman area and had very successful farming careers.

Photos submitted by: Glen Hornbaker

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