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Senior Photos

- photo and text from the Kingman Leader-Courier

The class of '41 held their reunion at the Kingman Activity Center May 26th. Twenty-three members were present, Visiting and sharing memories was enjoyed by the class.

Front Row: Orpha Flickner Krehbiel, Doris Sitts Sloan, Alma Cross Wharton, Aloah Collins Ehreat, Jack Rahm and Joyce Reece Hart. Middle Row: Lily May Schwartz Kaufman, Marcella Fisher Steinhauser, Louise Cook Williams, John Stead, Gene McAdam, Keith, Bray, Gene Sparks, Dale Lippencot, Marjorie Bruch Newland and Darlene Fairchild Voth. Back Row: Naomi Wagner Daly, Roscoe Messenger, Lynn Vanlandingham, Harold Handkins, Arthur Beat DVM, Warren Kinsler and Stanley Voran. Not pictured was Maurice Mathis.

The KHS Oracle staff of 1940 - 41 is pictured in the old gym. Seated left to right: Retha Smith (typist), Beverly Brown (joke ed.), Marjorie Coleman (exchange ed.), Hazel Richardson, June Honey (feature ed.), Marjorie McCullough (editor), Louise Cook (typist). Standing from left to right: Morton Stearns, Marjorie Closson (business mgr.), anna Bachman (business mgr.), Helen Craig (business mgr.) Jack Rahm, Billy McIlrath (sports editors), Gene McAdam, Delmer Lee Morris (business mgr.), Marcella Fischer, Wayne Fink (circulation mgr.), Journalism teacher was Beryl Hardesty Patchen.

Only Bachman, McAdam Fischer, Richardson and Cook are known living.  This photo was sent by Louis Cook Williams, who lives in Towson, MD.

Photo and text courtesy of the Kingman Leader-Courier  


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