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No identification on this picture, but is from the 1963 reunion of the class of 1923. (40th class reunion).

Leader-Courier copy re.: the 1968 reunion of the class of '23:

The class of 1923 met in reunion Sunday, June 30, 1968, in the VFW hall. A dinner was served at noon after a 10:00 AM coffee and punch bowl. Guy Cheatum served as master of ceremonies as letters from the absent members were read, and those present brought the class up-to-date on personal achievements and family.

Plans for the golden reunion were made. It wil be held the last Sunday in June, 1973, and will be planned by the members of the classing living in this area.

Members of the class pictured above are, front row: William C. Voran, Wade Cloud, Wilma Gott Rabb, Nota M. Taber Hoffine, Sylva Eberhart Modesitt, Pearl Greenwell, Ed McKenna and Ray Meisenheimer. Second row: Ross Gilchrist, John Kabler, Stella Smith Holcomb White, Lillian Cheatum Demmin, Rilla Cheatum McBurney, Marie Dodge Johnson and Hollis Nelson Winfrey. Third row: George Frisbie, Karl Hardesty, Guy Cheatum, Harold Bray, Kent Wymore and Alex Wingate.

We are guessing this is the 1973 reunion picture. We have no other information on the photo.

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